specialists in neuroimaging applications

helping you generate and test hypotheses that will enhance and extend your research
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Our newly refurbished preclinical imaging center is run by a team of dedicated scientists focused on facilitating the development of translational biomarkers of neurological & psychiatric disorders using state of art equipment and techniques.




3D skeleton of the rat brain white matter, derived from myelin water fraction (MWF) image



Cerebral glucose metabolism (14C-2-deoxyglucose autoradiography)




Activated microglia in the hippocampus  (Iba1 immunohistochemistry)



Neural activity

fMRI BOLD response to sensory stimulation of the paw


We support collaborators by providing access to equipment as well as by assisting in the planning of experiments and in data acquisition, analysis and reporting, according to need.

The BRAIN Centre scientific team, together with researchers from the Neuroimaging and cognate departments, can help you solve complex problems in translational (preclinical<->clinical) neuroscience using state of the art equipment and expertise in the analysis of image & spectroscopy data, multimodal methods and statistics.


We specialize in neuroimaging applications and will help you generate and test hypotheses that will enhance and extend your research.

Core areas of interest:

  • Neurodevelopment & myelination
  • Neurodegeneration & dementia
  • Plasticity, connectivity and sleep
  • Pain and sensory processing
  • Pharmacology and drug discovery
  • Neuroinflammation, trauma and stroke
  • Brain metabolism and neurovascular coupling

Our methodology and equipment can be used to support a diverse range of other applications for neuroscience as well as for other discipline areas (e.g. cardiac or liver MRI).

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