Wellcome to the BRAIN news/blog. Every week or thereabouts, we hope to provide some useful commentary on a topic related to preclinical neuroimaging. Guest posts are most welcome – to volunteer please email us.

On this website, you will find information about us, our methods and techniques, and how you can go about working with us. On these news/blog pages, we would like to engage more in the general discussion about imaging of the CNS and to capture some information about the new awesome methods and discoveries that are continually being made.

Neuroimaging is an exciting and vibrant field with breakthroughs happening literally every week. Not all of these breakthroughs pan out… The human brain is a complex organ that cannot easily be probed and poked, and working out the meaning of subtle signals from blood flow, oxygenation, oscillatory synchrony, tissue microstructure, proton spin relaxation times, diffusivity and many more, is incredibly challenging.

3D representation of myelinated tracts in the rat brain (myelin water fraction, MWF)
Tobias Wood

This is where we believe preclinical imaging can help. Using preclinical model systems, we can employ additional methods to really dig into the underlying features of such phenomena, and to more deeply explore the pathological hallmarks of neurological and psychiatric diseases. Because this is what it’s all about, really – understanding how the brain works and what (sometimes) goes wrong. Hope you enjoy our regular news and updates.

Diana, Camilla and Eugene